Friday, March 1, 2013

Mea Culpa

Well, let's suffice it to say that this past week hasn't exactly gone as all.

I set up Friday's post and figured I'd be back on Sat/Sun to give you your weekend list...

and then...

Life Happened.

From Saturday to Wednesday I drove 1040 miles, did 3 major Cub Scouting events, and generally lost my head.

Mea Culpa.

This week was originally to be dedicated to your bathrooms.  Since I'm SO far behind, the good news is this week was light anyway (because I knew what I was going to have going on - well, 180 miles of it and the 3 events).  So we can definitely catch up on Family Mission Friday by doing it as a group. :)

So, everyone take a bathroom!!!  You will need the following supplies:

1 toilet brush
1 rag
1 cleaner (your choice!)
1 scrubbie
1 laundry basket
1 trash bag
and if your cleaner of choice doesn't do windows, window cleaner!

Now, I call this the 5 minute fly in my home.  I can clean almost any bathroom in 5 minutes.

First step - Flush toilet.  By allowing it to completely cycle through to clean water and be wet, but not running before adding your cleaner, you have a better chance of your cleaner staying where it belongs and doing it's job instead of sitting in the bottom of the bowl.  Turn on the shower to the hottest it can go and let it run for a few minutes.

Then start grabbing everything that needs to be washed, linens, clothing, mats, everything.  Into the laundry basket it goes.  Take off your socks now and place them in the laundry basket.

Next, trash.  Get all the trash off the counter, out of the baskets, and if you have people in your home who think empty toilet paper rolls fall wherever, now would be the time to corral them. (note: for homeschoolers/teachers/CCD Catechists - those empty toilet paper rolls can be used for THIS fun actvity!)

Now go back to the toilet.  If you have a favorite toilet cleanser, knock your socks off.  If you're cheap like I am but go through tons of shampoo trying to find the right one, those "extras" make awesome toilet cleaner. :)  Squirt, swish, and let it sit.

Now back to the shower.  Turn off the shower (learned that one the hard way! ;) lol) and grab your scrubbie, rag, and cleaner.  Toss all the bottles, gadgets, and doo dads into the bottom of the shower so the places you put these things are now empty.  Now spray the cleaner right onto those spots and let it sit.

Back to the sink and clutter attack.  Get everything where it belongs.  Spray the sink with your cleaner.  Let it sit. 

Go back to the tub and start grabbing bottles.  If they're empty, pitch.  If they're not being used, make a line up to go to the closet.  If they are "active duty", wipe them down (scrub bottoms if necessary) and put them back in their homes.  Last step, turn the shower back on and rinse out the tub.  Voila!  One more down!

Back to the sink.  Any crud is now loose BUT wait a minute and clean the mirror first with your window cleaner.  Then go down and clean the sink and counter.  Then go one step further.  Take that cloth that just cleaned the mirror and wipe down your faucet so it's nice and shiny!

Quick, go back to the tub and wipe down the shower's "parts" (the shiny metal stuff) with your mirror cloth to shine.

One last step, spritz the toilet with cleaner.  Then open it, swish, and flush.  Then wipe it down and grab that mirror cloth one last time to wipe the handle and then the door knob and light switch on your way out.


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