Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Times Such As These

There are times when I think we are called to reflect on ourselves and make improvements.  We are, as a whole, incomplete beings who struggle with various vices.  No one is exempt.  If the Pope has his own confessor, we are certainly capable of straying from the beaten path.

I've been thinking lately on the 7 Deadly Sins.  In our home we usually focus on the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, especially with our children.  We strive to exemplify and encourage them within our home but at times, those little weaselly Deadly Sins sneak back in on us.  Lately I have noticed that it's time to tackle them yet again....and not just for the kids.

So, today I am opening up voting.  I know, silly me.  We're going to take 1 week at a time to tackle each of these Sins.  Each person can vote in the comments here and on Survey Monkey anonymously!  Voting for the 7 Deadly Sins will close on Friday at midnight MST so I can get ready and write the very first post!  Join us and tell us about how you struggle with the 7 Deadly Sins!!! Tell me I'm not alone!!!

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