Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Elf Continued...

Apparently I am not alone in my thoughts regarding The Elf.  This is a good feeling because it's never fun to be out on a limb alone.  Since our last meeting, I have been sent several pictures of various elf informants that have been captured.  I wanted to share them with you here. :)

 Ah the little green Army men.  They're rather active in their adventures. :)  (Photo forwarded from Clearly Candace)

This big Army Man looks like he means business!!!! (source unknown)

 Oops.  A rather inhospitable environment as well - particularly if turned on... (also Clearly Candace)

Well, considering how many photos I got of the elf partaking in the liquid version of holiday cheer, I suppose he would need to dry out... (also Clearly Candace)

The LEGO people attack back!  I think I see Luke Skywalker?

 Yummmm!!!!  A snack for the dinos!

You think this is torture?  Go ahead and try it little man in the funny red suit.  Yet again.  Read the sign.

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