Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Favorite 4-Letter Word

I will admit that unfortunately I occasionally use 4-Letter Words.  You know - the ones we're not supposed to use.  I try very hard not to use them, but occasionally one just flies out and I have to do my very best to reign in back in and apologize to those in my presence.

I have noticed, however, that money seems to be the cause of many 4-Letter Words - particularly the lack of money.  Forgetting one's wallet, unexpected expenses, and other "oops" moments tend to lead to the use of 4-Letter Words, often many of them and strung together.

Today I was talking with a friend who is beginning to write a Science Curriculum about money, curriculum, and the homeschool market and she stumbled upon my very favorite 4-Letter Word.  You know, the one that begins with an "F".


Okay, maybe it's not my very favorite, but it's definitely in the top 10.  Love would probably outrank it along with Hope, but it's definitely up there.

FREE - Every homeschooler's favorite word.  We love "free" but as we all know there is an innate problem with this particular 4-Letter Word than can lead to the use of other, less desirable 4-Letter Words.  As my father always likes to remind me, "Honey, you get what you pay for."

Often I've found the inverse to be true, especially with some extra effort on my part.  Using old textbooks on Gutenberg Press would be one example - what a treasure trove!!!  Hand me down curricula from friends has enriched not only my library but also my own mind.  Random books found at libraries that were ready to toss them in dumpsters round out some more of my 4-Letter Word collection.

This year, as you're beginning to sort through the good, the bad, and the ugly, take a look at some good 4-Letter Word options - for your homeschooling, your faith, and even your home!  Some of my favorite projects are compiled completely from 4-Letter Word supplies! 

In 2014, let us embrace the 4-Letter Word!!!!

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