Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Essential Oils, Choices, and Fighting for the Little Guy

I recently made an informed decision based on research, thought, and theory.  I'm rather excited about it, but more importantly, I want to share the why behind my choice with you.  Many of you will know that previously I have *not* supported this company so it may seem a bit like I've "gone out of my gourd" but bear with me for a few moments.

This is a conversation I've been having in my head for over 2 years.  Many of you know I use essential oils in my home.  In fact, last May I rescued our family tent using them and those who know me personally have often seen me pull a small blue or green bottle out of my purse for various reasons.

I'm generally not a huge fan of MLM companies.  I'm *really* not fond of being associated with what can be (at best) high pressure sales tactics and (at worst) outright lies and fabrications.  Unfortunately MLM essential oil companies have sadly fallen into a category of people who make me cringe.  I've literally been badgered, verbally beaten up, and physically CHASED by representatives from both doTERRA and Young Living.  Who wants to be associated with that kind of behavior???

With that background I offer you my tale.

Essential Oils University is an organization I have chosen to follow very closely.  In January they began doing FREE ($150 value) testing on Blue Tansy due to the adulteration and outright lies in the market.  They are single-handedly ferreting out the charlatans and rubes among the industry one test at a time.  For that, I applaud Dr. Pappas and his team.  I'm always a fan of consumer protections and those who fight for the little guy.

I watched over the past month as friends cheered on Dr. Pappas as one test after another was released (in another group) for those who were submitting samples and exposing fraudulent companies.  Go Get 'Em!  A rally the size of the Super Bowl was going on across the internet among oil enthusiasts.  Companies are threatening to sue Dr. Pappas...it's been a zoo.

As I sat and watched all this unfold I came to two very important conclusions:
  1. I wanted to find a way to support Dr. Pappas and *know* that the oils he's tested are the ones in my collection because I *trust* his ethics and I want to support him being able to provide testing like this to expose charlatans.  After all, if we're all cheering him on from the sidelines, shouldn't we be backing that up with our choices for purchasing?
  2. There is only 1 company I knew of that has 100% of their oils tested by Dr. Pappas.
This put me in a dilemma.  Do I switch my oils to a company that frankly I've previously outright bashed???  Am I really going to *gasp* make the conversion to this company?  It was a thought that made me cringe.

One of their "Wellness Advocates" had been in constant contact with me recently.  It doesn't hurt that she's also a dear friend who's son is my son's best friend.  Our circles constantly cross each other and at times are barely distinguishable.  She'd made the choice recently to make her oil business her full time job and has been doing a wonderful job.  She's well educated on oils and chooses to know what she's doing instead of putting her head in the sand and blindly recommending the latest photo on Pintrest without discerning the accuracy of the information.

So, I had a stable upline to join - now....what about the ridiculous statements sadly made by those "Wellness Advocates" without ethics and education?  Moms actually burning and harming their children with oils due to inappropriate usage (primarily lack of proper dilution rates).  The list could go on. I took some time to watch some footage from what is being put out by the organization to the "top off the food chain".  

Guess what?

They're pushing proper (ALERT - there are *many* different standards) dilution rates.  They're advocating the "Wellness Advocates" to understand their responsibility to their clients and recruits.  I'm seeing seminars and webinars about how to properly promote the products to avoid FDA lawsuits AND I'm seeing websites, promotional materials, and literature connected with the company and "Wellness Advocates" changing to comply with current federal law!

WOW!  Looks like someone is at least attempting to clean up their act!  Now it comes down to the individual "Wellness Advocate".  Is he/she going to take the reins, learn the new material, and put him or herself in a protected place where the business can still thrive?  Some are, some aren't.

There are horrid reps in every company.  We've all met them.  They're the same people from this company who literally chased me through a parking lot.  They're the cosmetics rep who doesn't understand "I have an allergy to red/blue mica, please stop trying to sell me purple eyeshadow!".  They're the kitchen gadget pusher who brings her entire kit to *every* pot luck and proceeds to lecture you on how you made your own offering vs. how you *should* have done it.  They're the home decor rep who you no longer allow in your home due to her sighs and shaking of her head.  These idiots cannot be avoided no matter what company you choose to work with.  They're everywhere - and they definitely overpopulate the MLM industry.

Do I let the bad eggs separate me from the potential?  Do I go with what I *know* is a safe oil (based on everyone loving this scientist...) and simply adjust the usage to my own personal dilution standards I have adopted for my family?  Do I put myself out there as a "Wellness Advocate" who is willing to give you the TRUTH and help you learn to educate yourself?

Yes.  I did.  Introducing my new dōTERRA site after ALL this crazy (aptly named for my miliary family "Semper Gumby").  Stay tuned as we talk more in the next few weeks about a wide variety of things but the ONE thing that matters to me most - my family.  I hereby promise this site will *never* be "all dōTERRA, all the time" but you will hear when something works....and when it doesn't.  And you will also hear the amusing anecdotes you have come to rely on, gardening information, and a wide variety of other happiness from the middle of nowhere which I am blessed to call home.

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