Sunday, May 18, 2014


Apparently I have yet again missed the "gravy train" parents ranting on both sides of the fence about food allergies, food sensitivities, and anything else that might cause them to have to think twice (or would rather NOT have to think twice) about what they are serving someone else.

I'm the mom of 2 boys - neither has severe food allergies (thank God) although one does have some very minor apple sensitivity issues.  I have NEVER in all the years I have worked with children (now 20+) had a problem with a child and their dietary needs.  EVER.  If you're one of my Scout Moms, CCD Moms, Homeschool Party Moms, then you already know that I care DEEPLY about these things and your child's safety because I would pray that if the tables were turned you would care as much about MY child.

I am HONORED to have the chance to work with your children.  I am BLESSED to have the opportunity to spend time with them and have them help change MY life - yeah, that's right - MY life.  Your kids make ME a better person and I am grateful.  Food allergies, medical issues, and all.  Your children give me the gift of seeing the world through their beautiful, intelligent eyes and I am the better for it each and every day.

I've been the person who has gone to a party and not been able to eat ANYTHING I was served.  I've been the girl who had to quietly push food into a napkin so she didn't offend anyone.  I've flushed chili down a toilet to keep a host from being embarrassed.  Attending food events is often a nightmare for me because of my food allergies and my desperate attempts to keep anyone else from having to deal with them. I have even ended up in Confession LYING to get out of attending these events to save myself and hostesses from embarrassment that I inevitably know would ensue.

My own experiences are why I never mind helping my kids.  I even *gasp* don't allow them to have "substitute treats".  What's good enough for one is good enough for all.  Scout Campout?  Make sure everyone can eat what is on the menu and pick food using the democratic process.  CCD Snacks, yup - I'm the Mom sending carrots and dip or fruit kabobs.

You know what the funny thing is?  I've NEVER had a child complain.  Not in 20+ years of doing this.  Maybe it's because I try very hard to make certain all is still "yummy" but more than likely it's because I don't allow them to play favorites.  I've had gluten free, dairy free, food coloring free, vegetarian, vegan, soy free, diabetic, etc etc etc.  Never a problem - not once!  Sure, sometimes we had to get rather creative, but we made it work!  And the kids are BETTER for it because they're learning to work together and actually CARE about other human beings!  *I* am better for it because I get to use my creativity to create new and exciting things in the world of food!

Stop the whining - ALL OF YOU.  I get that it stinks on both sides of the fence.  Telling a kid "no" is NOT the end of the world - on BOTH SIDES.  If ALL of us could be just a little more compassionate maybe our children can focus on solving world peace rather than arguing over whether or not cupcakes are an acceptable snack.

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