Thursday, May 15, 2014

My New 4 Letter Word

There is no secret that my world focuses extensively on my 2 beautiful boys and my amazing husband.  Yesterday while running errands I had a few minutes to think on words and what I would like to eliminate from my vocabulary.  One word in particular came to the surface.  I've used it quite often and when I really thought about it, it's been used 99% of the time as a pretty white lie:

One 4 Letter Word that crushes imaginations, disappoints, and creates chaos in my life.  When am I TRULY too "busy" for the people I love?  I went through and counted up the things I'd been "too busy" to do in the past week.
  • I was "too busy" to check on Netflix for a neighbor who was looking for a recommendation of survival shows to watch. 
  • I was "too busy" to let my son help me make dinner at least half the nights in the past week. 
  • I was "too busy" too many times to count because I was on my computer researching or doing something *I* wanted to be doing instead of playing with my children. 
  • I was "too busy" to properly clean the house and work on the things my husband asked me to do.
  • I was "too busy" to cuddle with the toddler.
  • I was "too busy" to help my son put up his tent in the yard. 
  • I was "too busy" to take the kids to the park. 
  • I was "too busy" to leave for Mass on time so we were late. 
I'm "too busy" too often for all the things that should matter the most.  100% of the "too busy" above can be described in one sinful, loathing word:

Or as the Church calls it in the 7 Deadly Sins, Sloth.

So for all of you out there who are "too busy", I invite you to join me.  For the next month - until June 15, I will be banishing "too busy" from my vocabulary.  I will either explain why I was not able to do something with what I was doing that prevented the activity OR I will....get this...DO what someone is asking of me.

Join me - we could change the "too busy" world we live in, one mind at a time. 

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