Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May Planners!

It has come to our attention that our family's favorite planner is sadly by a sedevancist family.  While we would love to continue supporting them, we didn't feel comfortable continuing to use their products.  We will, however, be praying for them to return home to Rome.

In the meantime, this left quite a void in our family.  We LOVED the layout they used as well as the thought put into it and are seeking to create something similar, but for a family using the current Church's calendar.  We hope to have a Mom's planner in the works in the next week or so, but we would REALLY like your feedback on the Boy's and Girl's Planners we created today.

Our entire family worked on this project together and is very excited about it.  We tested both printed in color and grayscale and they worked well on our printer.  Unlike the original planner, we omitted the pictures since our son has sensory processing disorder and said he found them distracting.  This gave us a bit more space for quotes from Saints in a larger, easier to read font as well as room to write comfortably with his dysgraphia.

This is JUST the rough draft and I hope to be able to keep these free to all of you and available for your use.  I really enjoyed researching the Saints and having fun with the project.

For the families out there, including the Dads, the Saints listed on the calendar are directly from the list at American Catholic.  By clicking on that link you can subscribe to their Saint a Day emails and have pertinent information to share with your child and discuss over dinner as a family!  We hope you enjoy these planners and are blessed by them and we greatly appreciate your feedback as you make try them out so we can make them better for everyone!

Boys Planner - PDF
Girls Planner - PDF

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