Wednesday, May 1, 2013

You Asked, We Answered!

Wow have we gotten a TON of feedback on our May Planners we released yesterday!!!  The verdict is in and apparently you love them!  Thanks for all the support!

That said, like all good things there are revisions to be made.  We heard 3 main things from you in feedback:

1. You want a planner with more space to write.
2. You want a planner with 7 days instead of just 5.
3. You want a planner that is VERY Catholic.

We hope you like it because we put the pedal to the metal and gave it our best shot.  The new planner being released today is a 7 Day Planner with room for 3 assignments on weekends of your choice.  It also includes places for AM/PM chores M-F and "chores" on S/S.  There is also a space for kids to make notes about the meetings they will have that day so now Co-Op, Scouts, 4H, CCD, and other meetings have a home.  We kept the Virtue Practice because you loved it and added the Daily Mass Readings!

Girls 7 Day Planner
Boys 7 Day Planner


  1. Okay I have downloaded them both and compared the two formats. I love them both! I am familiar with the planner you used in the past. What I have decided is that what might be good for a Parent/Mothers planner is the weekly layout like the first one and instead of subject areas we would have room to write in children's names or work projects or home projects. That's my thoughts but not sure the layout would work. I like to see the week at a glance instead of each day broken up into boxes like the last planner you made for the children.

    1. The idea of the planners I made for today is that when you open the "page" it is the week on 2 pages across. There isn't really a way to provide adequate room for writing in assignments and such without making it 2 pages wide for a 7 day format - there just isn't enough page! :)

      So, basically the "front" would be the month and then on the back of that would be M-W with "front" of the next page being Th-Su.

      I hope that helps explain it a bit better.

      This format was at the request of those who wanted more space for their children to write and 7 days a week. I tried to squish 7 days into the one page but the result was teeny boxes that even my tiny handwriting wouldn't fit in! :)