Thursday, May 2, 2013

Some Like It Little!

I think you all have decided I need a new hobby! ;) LOL 

In all seriousness I have loved hearing the response and feedback on our 5 Day Planner and 7 Day Planner for Boys and Girls. It brings me great joy to see you all tinkering with the program and many asking for the file.  I <3 it and appreciate all of your support and encouragement.

A good friend was trying to resize the 7 Day Planner to a 5.5"x8.5" size yesterday and hit a brick wall.  She asked if I could figure out a way to adjust the margins.  Sadly, the answer to adjusting the margins on the current program was no.  It did NOT work.  I tried and tried and tried.

And then I just went ahead and made another whole planner set!!!

Introducing the 7 Day Planner in Half Size!!!!! *note* the 7 Day Planner in half size will only download as 2 per 1 page in Publisher.  If you do not have Publisher, I am working on another way and have spent most of the morning trying to find a solution for you.

Also, due to the OVERWHELMING response of people asking for templates, I am providing my May Templates to you all!  Honestly, it's going to be easier than emailing it out over and over for me. :) 

As a public announcement, after this month I will NOT be providing new templates for everyone - all the different styles are just too much to keep up with and I have easily put in over 20 hours just this week working on the templates and doing the research to fill them.  I love doing this for all of you, but the extra time to keep changing the templates is eventually going to become overwhelming.  I will continue to keep searching until we hit something that most people seem to enjoy, but at this moment, I will definitely NOT be making all these templates again next month so if you want them, get them!  The link that is up will be permanent and I do not plan on pulling those templates in the future which are published there.

Here we go!!!!

7 Day Half Size Planner - Boys - Publisher file
7 Day Half Size Planner - Girls - Publisher file
7 Day Planner - Boys - Publisher file
7 Day Planner - Girls - Publisher file
5 Day Planner - Boys - Publisher file
5 Day Planner - Girls - Publisher file

7 Day Planner - Boys - PDF
7 Day Planner - Girls - PDF
5 Day Planner - Boys - PDF
5 Day Planner - Girls - PDF

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