Friday, February 8, 2013

An Invitation to Catholic Creativity's Cleaning our Homes and Hearts Lenten Journey!

This year, in addition to removing something from my life, I am making the addition of trying to be a better wife by learning to keep my home better.  Lent is the PERFECT amount of time to get things in order for me.  I would LOVE it if some of you would join me on the journey.  I've created a plan using 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week with "optional weekend activities" (which could also be added during the week for those with more than 15 minutes to spare or substituted if the day's activity isn't something you need to accomplish) combining several of the "home cleaning headliners" and organization mavens tips along with my own knowledge.  There will also be a section to read over the weekend about how to maintain what you have accomplished and keep moving forward.  Much of this is from when I used to set up my military homes when we would move which would inevitably result in pure chaos. 
The schedule will be as follows:

From  Ash Wednesday (Feb. 13) to Feb. 15: Preparing for the Journey
Feb. 18 to Feb. 22: Kitchen
Feb. 25 to Mar. 1: Bathroom
Mar. 4 to Mar. 8: Master Bedroom
Mar. 11 to Mar. 15: Living Room/Office/Homeschooling Areas
Mar. 18 to Mar. 22: Dining Room
Mar. 25 to Mar. 29: Finishing Touches
We will be emphasizing more than cleaning and organizing - we will also be collecting donations for charity and working on our hearts and minds.  For the "extremely challenged" (like myself) there will be some additional activities to help you on your journey.  For those of us who need to multitask we'll be intermingling prayer, Bible verses, and connections to Faith throughout the challenge as well.
If you want to join us, be it for one day, one week, or for all of Lent, just follow along as the posts come up. :)  I will let you all know what I'm working on, give you a head's up for what's coming in the week ahead, and help you get started on organizing your home (and mine!) along with tips, tricks, and helpful hints. :) Plus, let's be honest, for those of us hostessing for Easter... ;)


  1. Great! I look forward to this!

    1. Kitty - Looking forward to having you with us!!!!

  2. What a great idea! Would love to join. Just saw the link to your post on facebook.

    1. Welcome Magdalena!!! I'm so excited to have you joining us for the journey!

  3. This is great! I was planning on doing a 40 bags in 40 days type challenge by myself but it will be much more fun to do it along with other ladies.

    1. Thank you! I promise - you'll probably get more than 40 bags out in the 40 days. :) And what's left will be organized.

      I did 40 bags in 40 days last year - it's part of what inspired this. :)