Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In Search of: The Table

Can you guess how many times the word "table" appears in the Bible?


Do your children know what a table is?  Do you use one in your home?  Do you use it daily?  What do you do there?

Your mission today is to find your dining table and then commit to using it for the rest of Lent.  Eat every meal at your table or at a table.  Stop eating out of bags and boxes on the go and eat at the table. 

We made this change the first time 2 years ago for Lent at the challenge of my son's catechism teacher for First Communion and Confirmation.  It made a world of difference in our lives.

Now, if your table is like mine was, you might need to unearth it first.  That's okay.  Get out a trash bag and a box.  Put the trash in the bag and the things that need to be put away in a box.  Do the same for your chairs.  Then (and this is for everyone!) give your table a good wipe down - all of it, including the chairs.  Clean it from the top to the bottom and get all the dust and dirt off it.

Each week we join the Lord at his table to receive the Eucharist.  That's how important the family table is in our Faith.  He chose to give us a table to gather around.

We need to do the same for our families.


  1. lol....Your table sounds like my table. I was thinking this morning I needed to clean it off so we can eat on it tonight.

    1. Excellent Monique!!!! You were already heading in the right direction. :) I think we've all been there if we're honest with ourselves. I grew up in a home where we ate at the table every night, but we were always pushing paperwork, homework, etc around it to make room. I love eating at a CLEAN and clear table and setting it for my family. And yet, somehow, after Lent we get out of the habit and the next year I'm clearing all the clutter off it again and starting anew.