Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Everyone Deserves a Friend

Stop the discrimination!  Give your containers some love today.  They deserve a friend, a companion, a lid.

Go through your food storage containers and find them friends or let them leave.  Put them in your box to donate and drop them off if they're still in decent shape.  Someone may very well have the lid they need. :)

If your food storage containers are stained, place them in a sink filled with HOT water, 1 cup bleach, and 2 tbsp dish detergent.  This should bleach out any stains from food and help remove any grease residue which can also cause stains. 

Whatever is left, organize and if it doesn't fit in the space where your containers belong, weed out some more.  This is a doable project that may take longer than 15 minutes, but will make a difference in your daily routines and make it so much easier for you to save the food that gets ruined saving you money.

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