Thursday, February 14, 2013

Go! Go! Go?

Like most moms, I spend a CRAZY amount of time in my car.  To make it even more interesting, we live 15-30 miles from most of our destinations so not only are we in it often, we're in it for long periods of time and can't just run home which means everything ends up in there.  And I do mean everything.

Up here the weather can turn a dime so it requires changes of clothes, blankets, coats, hats, and gloves.  Because we're gone so often it also means water bottles, snacks, and things to entertain the kids.  Throw in a stroller, peapod (like a pack and play but packs up WAY smaller), and rug for the baby to play on, my Pampered Chef gear, my husband's business equipment, the stuff we need for 4H, Scouts, and Church...

Well, you get the picture.  Even when clean, my car is not an oasis.

But it is NOT clean.  In fact, it is awful. 

Day one we talked about eating at a table for ALL of Lent - and that's going to lead directly into what I'm going to ask you to start doing today and keep doing every day for the rest of Lent. 

By not eating in our car, we should be cutting down on the "trash can with wheels" problem.  Now I'm asking you to take that one step further, okay two.  But they're little steps, I promise.

1.  Do not bring ANYTHING new into your car and keep it there for the rest of Lent.  Add nothing.  If you need to bring something out, it comes back in with you when you return.  Everything you purchase also needs to come in when you get home.

2.  Every time you stop your car and get out, bring something with you.  Walking into the store?  Grab a handful of old receipts and toss them in the trash.  Heading into the house?  Grab an empty bag and toss in some of the kids meal toys and bring them in along with the pile of papers the kids brought home from CCD a month ago. 

Easy and painless - and think how wonderful it will be when you have someone who needs to hop in  your car and there's actually room for them. :)

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