Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday Roundup: The Beginning

This week we tackled 3 "trouble spots" in most homes as we started the Cleaning our Homes and Hearts Lenten Journey.  Nearly everyone we talked to had at least one, if not all 3 of these problems.  Just as a reminder to you:

Wednesday: In Search of the Table
Thursday: Go! Go! Go? - Keeping up with the Mobile Office
Friday: Family Mission Friday: The Bed

You've all done a wonderful job and it's been a delight hearing from  you on various boards and in the comments here on the blog.  Thank you so much for joining me on the journey.  It's so helpful to me to know that I have sisters out there who are fighting the battle right alongside me.

This week we also had our first local to me join the journey.  She's my "slob sister" and one of my dearest friends.  I'm so blessed to have had her join us.  In fact, I apologize for not being fast on comments yesterday - I was snaking her drain. ;) (no, this will NOT be part of the journey!)

As I promised, on Saturdays I will give you a list of "optional" things you can do during the weekend or throughout the next week.  My Slob Sister and I, while snaking the drain, attacked this list together.  My special thanks to her family for a lovely "breakfast for dinner" and movie afterwards.  It was fun to just "be" with friends.

Next week we will be heading into the kitchen which for me is a neverending project.  The activities for this weekend and next will focus primarily around this area of the home and projects that stem from it. 

Weekend/Next Week's Optional Activities:

1. The Wipedown:  Wipe down the dashboard, cup holders, inside of your windows, and any other surfaces of your car.  It's a quick, fast, and easy thing to do but this time of year the dust that's building up due to winter can begin to affect the air quality in your car and therefore your family's health!  Grab a few rags and head out there when you get home from a run over the weekend.  That way the interior is already warm and you can just wipe everything down and get on with life.

2. The Table:  We tackled the dining room table last week on our very first day.  If you have a separate kitchen table, now is the perfect time to help it out.  Simply go through the same steps you did on Wednesday with your kitchen table.  It's okay if only one is usually used for meals - but the other one definitely deserves a nice wipe down and so do any chairs, stools, and eating areas in your kitchen.

3. The Tools:  Gather your tools.  If you don't have your own, consider asking your husband for a set that are just for you.  Every Mom should have her own tools on hand. 

I recommend:
set of screwdrivers (Philips and slotted - or + and - respectively)
magnetic driver with a set of bits
adjustable wrench, claw hammer
measuring tape
long nose pliers
diagonal pliers

A small set of fasteners can finish it off if you are the type who has things hanging in your home, or would like to be.  Want to keep your husband and sons from stealing them?  Buy a set in purple or pink.  You may not love the colors, but they're far more likely to stay where they belong that way!  ;)

4. The Cleaning Tools:  Gather your tools.  Make a set of cleaning tools so you can find them when you're cleaning your home.  In a 1-2 gallon bucket gather: 2 sponges, 2 cleaning cloths, disinfectant, white vinegar, dish soap, window cleaner, empty spray bottle, 2 cleaning towels, and 1-2 scrubbing pads and either additional towels or paper towels as your family uses them.   This will get the vast majority of cleaning resources you need in one home where you can find them and help set you up for success.

5. The Fifteen:  Give each person in your home a bag, box, or basket.  Set a timer for 5 minutes.  Have them each target ONE thing to gather during that time.  Bags can gather trash, boxes can gather things to put away, baskets can gather laundry.  Everyone gets as much in their bag, box, or basket as they can as fast as they can.  Once done gathering, take the laundry to the washer and get it started, take the trash outside, and sort the items into their homes.  Voila!  Speed cleaning!

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