Friday, February 15, 2013

Family Mission Friday: The Bed

Every Friday we will start a new Family Mission.  This week, we're tackling something everyone in your home has, a bed.  One of the most difficult things for me is when my husband is on third shift or working 12 hour shifts.  It seems like there is always someone sleeping in my bed.  I go to bed in it.  While I'm in it the kids miss Dad and migrate into it.  When I wake up, they're still sleeping in it.  Then he comes home and gets in it.  The kids wake up and get out of it.  After school they climb back in to cuddle while he's still sleeping.  He wakes up to get ready for work and gets out.  They get up, we eat dinner, and I get back in it.

So, pretty much there IS someone sleeping in it 23/7. It makes it REALLY hard to make my bed...and to make matters worse, if mine isn't made, it's impossible for me to make the kids make their beds.

So, starting today, your very first Friday Mission is to get everyone in your home to make their bed.  From the crib the baby sleeps in to Mom and Dad's, everyone's bed should be made at least once a day.  Maybe that means you make it and get right back in.  That's okay.  Trust me, it will still feel better getting into a made bed.

This is also going to be the time that I remind you that you should really be washing your sheets and pillowcases at least once a week.  If Friday works for you, make it Sheet Day.  The good news is, while sheets are large, they don't take up that much room in the washer and dryer.  So it's pretty easy to wash a few beds at a time if you have a large washer and dryer.  If you live in a warm climate, break out the clothes pins.  There is simply nothing like the smell of fresh sheets off the line.  To break up the "crunchies", toss them in the dryer for 5 minutes after bringing them in and put white vinegar in a downy ball instead of fabric softener.  It will save you $$ and make your sheets last longer too!

Ideally having 2 sets of sheets per bed is the "perfect" number, but sometimes it's just not practical.  That said, especially for small children it really is a nice "perk".  If you need to, check your closets and basement.  Having spare sheets available is heaven sent when everyone is sick.  If storage space is the challenge, try this: fold your clean "extra" sheets and place them between your mattress and box spring.  Then make the bed right over the top.  When you have an "emergency" in the middle of the night, you'll know exactly where they are and never be hunting for fresh linens again.

For infants to young toddlers:  Check crib/toddler bed mattresses and make certain they're still snug in their frames.  Strip beds and replace linens. Check blankets to make certain they are clean enough to make it through another week and replace if necessary.

Toddlers to preschool: Check mattresses.  Strip beds.  Make certain you have a spare list of linens "hidden" as listed above.  Check blankets.  Replace linens with the "help" of your child for their bed.  They can help bring the sheets up and even assist with putting pillows in pillow cases.  Starting them now will help get them ready for doing it themselves when they get older.

Elementary grades: Strip beds.  Hide spare linens if you have them available for sick nights.  Check blankets.  Replace linens with the help of your child.  Help them learn how to get a fitted sheet on (or use two flat sheets - it's much easier!).  Then let them finish making the bed themselves as they learn how.

Older children:  They're on their own.  Have them strip the bed themselves and replace their own linens.  I often tuck a little "surprise" in the new linens to encourage them when they're first starting.  A little treat or even just a dollar to buy their own little treat.  Sometimes I leave a little note in thanking them for what a wonderful job they're doing on something lately too.

Yourself:  Strip your bed.  Yes, YOU.  Strip your bed.  Wash your linens.  Check your blankets.  Replace the linens and make up the bed.

Now, everyone keep making the beds once a day until next Friday (or whenever Sheet Day works best for you!) and keep them moving forward!

Blessings and Peace!!!!  Have a lovely weekend.  Tomorrow we will have a list of "Optional" weekend activities available for you that you can also take into next week as "alternate" activities for when you already have the items on our list accomplished. I'm keeping all of you in my prayers and look forward to our project next week - tackling the kitchen!!!

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